It seems inevitable that a period of self-isolation will be practised by many members of the Parish, and we wish to establish a reliable and efficient support network. We have set up a web site, dedicated help line telephone number and email address to assist those who need help and also for those who wish to be involved with supporting others.

  1. For any vulnerable members of the Parish who feel they should self-isolate we want to offer practical support with shopping, prescription collection, phone or electric top-ups where possible.
  2. Home deliveries can be organised via the Village shop (01769 540314)
  3. If you are self-isolating please clearly indicate that this is the case, with a note on your door.
  4. We are aware that self-isolation can be lonely and can offer regular telephone support.
  5. Please contact the dedicated help line on 01769 734010 if help is needed.
  6. We ask that you continue to keep a vigilant eye on your close neighbours in these difficult times.

Our email address to ask for help or to volunteer is contact@cswhelp.org.uk

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